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Chewer's Delight Grab Bag

Variety of over 8 different kinds of natural dog chews to please any pup! Excellent value
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Introducing our Chewer's Delight Grab Bag, created thanks to customer requests! If your dog loves variety in his chew time, the Chewer’s Delight Grab Bag may just send him over the moon! Made of a variety of chicken, lamb, beef, pork, kangaroo, and/ or turkey, this grab bag is a great way to introduce new chews to dogs who may have only had bully sticks. Packed to the brim with treats of all shapes and sizes, Chewer’s Delight Grab Bag chews are all natural and help clean away tartar and plaque while your dog enjoys!

Contents may vary and can include:

  • Lamb Ears 
  • Chicken Feet 
  • Pork Sausage 
  • Lamb Sausage 
  • Kangaroo Tendon 
  • Beef Strap 
  • Beef Jerky Squares 
  • Cow Ears 
  • Turkey Neck 
  • Pork Puff 
  • Bonus item: Pork Jerky

*Differences in product content quantities and the nature of natural products will cause the final weight of each bag to vary. The average weight is 4 pounds.

Benefits of the Chewer’s Delight Grab Bag:

  • 100% natural and digestible dog chews
  • Large variety of proteins
  • Different shapes and sizes to stimulate the senses
  • Good for dogs’ teeth!

Ingredients: May include but not limited to

Beef Tendon, Beef Jerky, Lamb, Lamb Ears, Cow Ears, Pork Lung, Turkey Neck, Kangaroo Tendon, and Chicken Feet. Bonus item: Pork Skin Jerky


Chews range in length from 4 to 10 inches long to ½ to 4 inches wide.


USA, Brazil, and Australia



Products specifications
Dog Size Small Small
Dog Size Medium Medium
Dog Size Large Large
Dog Size X-Large X-Large
Life-Stage All Stages All Stages
Chewing Tendency Average Chewer Average Chewer
Chewing Tendency Aggressive Chewer Aggressive Chewer
Ingredients Beef Beef
Ingredients Lamb Lamb
Ingredients Kangaroo Kangaroo
Ingredients Pork Pork
Ingredients Turkey Turkey
Ingredients Chicken Chicken
Treat Type Chew Chew
Origin USA USA
Origin Brazil Brazil
Origin Australia Australia
Treat Type Ears Ears
Treat Type Sausage Sausage
Treat Type Jerky Jerky
Treat Type Dental Dental
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