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Mini Bully Stick Knotted Bone

About 4 to 6 inches in length and perfect for small or medium sized dogs.
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Presenting new Mini Bully Stick Knotted Bones to Best Bully Sticks!

What an exciting combination of a bully stick and a bone! This is a bully stick that is tied at both ends to make it like a bone. These are great for small to medium sized dogs.

The Mini Bully Stick Bones are also fun for the dogs because they are a challenge for them as they try to untie the knots. They are about 4" to 6" inches in length, but untied are about 13 inches long. Like our other bully sticks, they are from free range, grass fed bulls and have a very low odor.

Available individually or in 10 packs.

We use exclusively FREE-RANGE grass fed cattle in our Best Bully Sticks natural beef dog treats and dog chews. We believe that cattle should be free range and graze on grass rather than be cooped up in feedlots. In our opinion, this makes for a higher quality product the way that nature intended.

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