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Product reviews for 2lb Chew Variety Grab Bag

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Existing reviews
Our schipps loved it!! Ordering more, all natural or made in usa snacks for our dogs!!!
From: Cindy | Date: 1/24/2012 10:49 PM
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2lb. mix bag
The only hard chews my Chow mix is from your company. I recently purchased rawhide sticks from Petco and he REFUSES to eat them. You forever have my business for NY furry son. Thank you
From: Cindy | Date: 8/4/2012 11:42 PM
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Very Good
My cocker spaniel has allergys and i decided to try these treats instead of the store bought kind. She absolutely loves them!! the only down side is that they ( or certain ones) can get stinky. so we just put them into the freezer. But Great Value and Alice loves them!!
From: April | Date: 8/23/2012 9:55 AM
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2-lb grab bag - amazing value and quality
This is the 2nd 2-lb grab bag I've ordered from you.  The first bag was a HIT with my Pomeranian!  He loooves your bully sticks!  I'd been giving him compressed rawhide sticks to chew on and then read about all the chemicals used to make rawhide, so decided to switch to bully sticks since they are healthier.  I'm very concerned with what goes into his body - he gets high quality holistic food and treats.  I'd been buying the bully sticks one at a time (expensive!) from a local pet store that wasn't able to give me much info as to the quality of the bully sticks, and then found your website.  He likes your bully sticks better.  This is the biggest collection of healthy/natural dog treats I've found so far on the web - all the brands are of very high quality.  Your prices beat other websites and brick-and-mortar shops, and the shipping is cheap (especially when you subscribe to get the coupons via email).  I am a lifelong customer!
From: Mary | Date: 10/26/2012 1:22 PM
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Critter Sitter
I have been buying the 6" thick sticks for my dogs as well as my dog sitting clientele. The variety packs I've received have also been awesome because it's a "variety" - a few of several items. The dogs love the braids the best, they seem to last a little longer than the sticks.
From: Susan | Date: 1/11/2013 9:28 PM
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Wonderful value for a price!
All chews and bully sticks are the kind what will make any dog very happy. Alot of pieces in the bag and especially for a small dog it would last awhile. My medium size dogs love that too. Especially great for puppies. If free shipping would be offered I would shop only on this web-site
From: Galyna | Date: 1/13/2013 1:04 AM
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Great quality, even better price...
I've been a fan of the grab bags for a few years now, but never actually inventoried one. This is what came in today's 2-pounder: 20 large cow ears, 22 rolled sticks (not exactly sure what they are, about 5-6" long) and at least 3-4 cups of 'chips' (again, not exactly sure what they are, maybe gullet or backstrap). My Siberians like them all and this gives them a nice variety of fun treats. This is a seriously great deal... esp. if you've been buying treats at your local chain store.
From: Hannah | Date: 5/6/2013 8:20 PM
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Great value, though not a ton of variety!
Just received one of these today and it contained two cow ears, 47 (!!!!) skinny bully sticks and 17 gullet wraps.  My dogs are in heaven!  What a great deal!
From: Germaine | Date: 7/25/2013 12:44 PM
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WOW! A+++!
I just received my Grab Bag in the mail and was blown away by both BBS's generosity and the quality of their products. This will last a long time! My dog got a ton of bully sticks, twists, big chew ears, and huge gullet chews! VERY impressed--this is how you win and keep a lifelong customer!
From: Lindsay | Date: 7/25/2013 3:11 PM
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2lb Chew Variety Grab Bag

  As always, I was SUPER impressed with both the quantity and quality of the chews we received in our most recent order of three 2lb chew variety grab bags. The dogs have been thrilled with every type of chew included in this pack (even the ultra-picky 14-year-old has devoured every type of treat included in this bag!) and they seem to really enjoy the variety. I'm sad to see the price has been raised so significantly in the recent weeks, though; that's the only reason I only gave 4 stars. The quality is definitely 5 stars in every regard.  Thanks BestBullySticks,  from myself and the hounds!
From: Kimberly | Date: 2/2/2014 5:11 PM
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Great value!
I was very pleased with my first grab bag: 16 5in braided bullies, 28 6in bully straps (2-3 inch wide!), 4 6in twisted bully sticks, 3 6in regular bully sticks, 2 cow ears, and a couple random chips of something. This will last a long while mixed with the 5lb bully bites bag I also bought for my 30 lb schnauzer mix! Cannot beat the price for the value of this bag. It is 6+ dollars for one braided bully stick where I live! Happy!
From: Guest | Date: 7/22/2014 4:53 PM
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2 lb Variety Bag
My 3 shelties expect to have a piece every day. I don't think this bag will last long. They LOVE them.
From: Kerry | Date: 12/15/2014 7:00 PM
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Best Bully Sticks really is the best!
I always receive my order promptly and my dogs love the variety of goodies in the grab bags. I have done business with BBS for years and have never been disappointed in the quality of their products. They help me make my dogs happy and healthy!
From: Rebecca | Date: 12/28/2014 7:00 PM
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My dogs love the variety
This is the second bag I have bought for my four little dogs (all under 20lbs). A couple if items I gave to their lab cousin as they were kind of big, but for the most part they are the right size and love them.
From: Peggy | Date: 12/31/2014 7:00 PM
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Great for medium-sized dogs
I felt like this bag was a great value for the number of pieces that it comes with. I also love the variety vs giving my dog the same treat every day. I will say that some of the pieces are pretty small for my 125lb Great Dane puppy. There were a few 12" braided bully sticks and pig/cow ears (which last a long time), but several of the pieces he can eat in under 10min (ex. 4" twists, 6" thin bully sticks, the hard, jerky-like treats, etc.). That being said, this would be PERFECT for a medium-sized dog, which is why I gave 5 stars.
From: Kayla | Date: 1/31/2015 7:00 PM
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2 lb. bag of variety of chews
The only problem??? All 3 of our dogs chase each other, because they're SURE one of the other dogs got a tastier treat!
From: Lynn | Date: 2/21/2015 7:00 PM
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Great value!!
This grab bag was recommended to me by a friend and I am so glad I bought it. We got well over 50 chews, and they're not the cheap stuff either - we're talking actual bully sticks and pig ears. Will definitely be purchasing again.
From: Sherilyn | Date: 2/26/2015 7:00 PM
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Great bargain
So far my dog loves everything in this bag. Aside form the bully sticks most of them are more like treats than long-lasting chews, but it's still a great deal!
From: Nina | Date: 5/14/2015 8:00 PM
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Variety Grab Bag
We bought this product for our three year old Golden Retriever. The assortment is great and she loves the treats included. I have yet to be disappointed by anything ordered from Best Bully Sticks!
From: Susan | Date: 5/30/2015 8:00 PM
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