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Product reviews for Chicken Feet Dog Treats

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Existing reviews
Good quick treat
My Pugs love these chicken feet!  They get about 5-10 minutes of chewing out of each one.  The feet are fully consumable.  They're not very messy and they don't have much of a smell to them, either.  We got these as a good alternative to raw chicken feet.
From: Amy | Date: 3/28/2013 9:41 PM
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Affordable & Healthy!
These are excellent for the smaller inside dogs. I love that they are a natural source of Condroitin. I use all natural meat treats as a supplement to a grain free, high quality kibble diet. A bag of these feet are cheaper than an average box of cheap unhealthy dog biscuits! The added bonus is the amusement of watching a 7 and 10 pound dog parade these around the house like a  stealthy killer of the Savannah that just took down a wild bird-beast. I laugh at this every time.    
From: Jennifer | Date: 5/4/2013 2:06 PM
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Great Treat Even for Big Dogs!
I have two Am Bull Dogs and they both love these.  They are great for our older dog who is now having a bit of trouble chewing the bully sticks.  She gets a good chew out of these.  The younger one does gobble them right down but they are cost effective enough to give several through out the day.  I admit that I "clip" the nails off the feet before I give them to my girls.  I know that other people have said that they are completely digestible, but for my own piece of mind, the sharp nails go immediately.  Better safe than sorry.
From: DIANA | Date: 5/21/2013 9:34 PM
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Creepy, but the dogs enjoy them.
When the bag of these came in, I was quite amused with them, and asked my boyfriend to give me a high five! My two large dogs were just as amused with them, and ate the feet eagerly. They are definitely more of a treat for my large girls, and are gone in a minute or two.
I will be buying more.
From: McKenna | Date: 7/23/2013 7:38 PM
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Feet treat can't be beat!
They may not look very appetizing to us, but of course, canines have a different idea! My dog liked these crunchy treats. These do have large claws which I chose to snap off before feeding, and this is very easy to do.
From: Lindsay | Date: 8/12/2013 12:36 PM
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Chicken Feet Dog Treats

  My 2 Mini-Dachshunds LOVE these. Usually good for a couple chew sessions at least. Some skin flakes off, but the pups are good about cleaning that up. Smell is very light and not bad.
From: Jennette | Date: 12/17/2013 3:00 PM
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Chicken Feet Dog Treats

  My 3 Setters (2 Irish & 1 ES) absolutely LOVE these! The minute I bring he sack out of the pantry, they nearly start dancing:) I used to buy these raw, but I haven't been able to find them. These are much better, not to mention less messy>
From: Pat | Date: 2/3/2014 4:47 PM
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Affordable Treats!
Like what the previous review brought up, this is a great alternative to my dog toting around raw chicken feet all over the house! It lasts my shiba less than 5 min but it doesn't leave a mess! She's not too crazy about it since gets raw chicken as a staple part of her diet. Purchased this since the duck feet were sold out
From: Allison | Date: 5/3/2014 10:47 AM
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