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6 Inch Bully Stick Lollipop

The Bully Stick Lollipop is six inches in length with a knot on the end 3 inches inches in diameter.
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Bully Stick Size Guide

Size Average Weight
Approximate Calories
(per stick)
6" Thin733.9
6" Standard1874.2
6" Thick29111.3
6" Jumbo38145.2
6" Monster51198.5
Size Average Weight (Grams) Approximate Calories per Stick
12" Thin1469.4
12" Standard36151.7
12" Thick59222.7
12" Jumbo74282.4
12" Monster94377.6
*Bully stick width may vary based on the weight and density of the stick.
Note: The stick density will lengthen chew time.

There is finally a lollipop you can give your pooch after a visit to the vet!

Bully Stick Lollipops are a new special bully stick shape for us. It has a very large knot at one end of the bully stick. Before it was knotted it was approximately an 12-inch standard bully stick. It is made from 100% All-Natural Free-Range, Grass-fed Cattle with no additives or preservatives. These sticks are high quality, low in fat, and high in protein.

The Bully Stick Lollipop is six inches in length with slight variation from stick to stick. It is an all-natural product. The knot on the end has a 3" inch diameter.

  • All natural beef chew
  • Recommended for small to medium size dogs
  • No additives or preservatives
  • Supports dog dental hygiene


Natural beef pizzle


Approximately 6 inches



Products specifications
Dog Size Small
Dog Size Medium
Life-Stage All Stages
Chewing Tendency Light
Chewing Tendency Average
Bully Sticks Size 6"
Bully Sticks Type Natural Scent
Bully Sticks Type Specialty

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