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The 5 Best Distraction-Free Dog Products for Safe Car Travel

May 05, 2021 3 min read
golden retriever with head and paws outside of passenger car window

Whether it's taking a road trip or just traveling a few blocks, your pet's safety in the car is of the utmost importance. We took a look at the 5 Best Distraction-Free Car Products that will keep your dog safe and ensure your eyes stay on the road!

According to the American Automobile Association, roughly 16% of drivers traveling with their pets use proper restraints. An alarming number of owners admit to petting, feeding, or playing with their dog while driving. Keep reading to learn about some of the best products to deter pet distractions while driving.

Best Distraction-Free Safety Products for Pet Travel

Zip Line

A Zip Line, such as Kurgo's Auto Zip Line for Dogs, keeps your dog tethered to the back seat while still providing limited movement for those dogs eager to watch your journey through the window or chew on their favorite Best Bully Sticks product! Most zip lines are adjustable and can easily be hooked to the back seatbelts or the mounted hand-holders in most cars. As zip lines are meant simply for restraint, this product is excellent for dogs of all weights and sizes.

Backseat Mesh Barrier

Mesh barriers are another great and easy to install safety product for car travels with your pet. Mesh barriers, like K&H's Travel Safety Pet Barrier, fill the gap between the driver's seat and the front passenger's seat, preventing your dog from being able to get into the front seat during your travels. These types of products are simple to install, usually just requiring a quick slip-on around the headrests and a hook around the bottom of the seats for additional sturdiness. K&H's mesh barrier even includes a pouch so you can easily store all of your on-the-go pet essentials!

Wire Barrier

Much like mesh barriers, wire barriers ensure your dog is restricted to a limited area of your vehicle while traveling. Wire barriers limits your dog to the cargo area of your car, ensuring you get a distraction-free drive! No tools are necessary for installation, and its universal fit design easily adjusts to work in most makes and models. The heavy-duty rods are designed to restrict even the most giant dogs from entering unwanted areas of your car. Better yet, most wire barriers include mounting feet to prevent scratching to your car's floor and ceiling surfaces!

Proper Pet Restraints are Still Key for Safe Car Travels

While the above products are great for short, distraction-free travels with your dog, any lengthy car venture should require proper pet restraint. Below are a few products and highlights that will keep your dog safely restrained your entire journey.

Dog Harnesses and Crates

As important as it is for all two-legged passengers to be safely secured in a seatbelt, your four-legged passengers should be as well. Harnesses are a great safety product that attaches to your car seatbelt, ensuring your dog is safely restrained in your car. Kennels and crates are also a great safety product, but it should be noted that any crate should be secured appropriately as well. It is important to note that not all harnesses or crates are built the same way, and some are safer than others. The Center for Pet Safety has rated the best crash-tested harnesses and crates for dogs of different sizes and weights. We recommend using one of these approved products on all your road-trip ventures!

Your pet's safety is always our top priority. For more information on how to properly travel long distances or move with your dog, check out our blog post. We know traveling with your pet, long-distance or not, is not always easy, so we hope these recommended safety pets can help lead to more frequent and safe travels with your furry co-pilot!


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