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Fluffy Owlet Catnip Cat Toy by Hunter

*Limited quantity available*

We will no longer carry this item starting Summer 2017.

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It's not a proper cat home without toys! Cats love to play and in fact, NEED to play in order to get exercise and not become bored. Enter the Fluffy Owlet Catnip Cat Toy by Hunter, a cuddly soft toy your cat will love to pounce on! If you aren't familiar with catnip, this member of the mint family contains a chemical compound, Nepetalactone, that acts as a stimulant in cats. Common effects of catnip include flipping over, rolling around, and brief hyperactivity for about 10 minutes. It's a natural energy boost for felines!

  • Cute cat toy
  • Contains catnip, loved by all cats
  • Helps satisfy cats' instinct to hunt
  • Can be thrown for a game of fetch


Linen, polyester and catnip


3 x 3 inches



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