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Product reviews for Smoked Buffalo Ear Dog Treats

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Existing reviews
chew to your hearts content
From: kathleen | Date: 1/28/2018 10:12 AM
best dog sitters around. everyone relaxes and chews away.
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buffalo ears are just awesome!
From: tina | Date: 1/3/2018 10:59 AM
my pups love these ears!!
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a new breed of buffalo??
From: kathleen | Date: 11/28/2017 10:26 AM
my dogs (5) still enjoy these but not as much as the originals.
1- why dye them?? dogs don't care what color they are. owners are not happy with dye on carpets/furniture.
2-what happened to the gnarled ends?? that was the favorite part for my dogs.  now they chew for a short time, then bury them in the yard!
3-did not mind the variety in size, buffalo come in all sizes fr sure, but pieces are pieces.  i think we are taking a break from ordering these. ;(  krs
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small buffalos
From: kathleen | Date: 10/28/2017 10:47 AM
my dogs LOVE these. i noted, with the arrival of the last order, that they are smaller ears.  actually look like the gnarled end has been trimmed off.  perhaps they will be offered as another 'chew". price adjustment should be made if this is the wave of the future. krs
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Big Bold Ears for my Dobie
From: angela | Date: 10/14/2017 5:22 PM
Great snack for my dog. He gets one a day and he loves them!
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Back like they are supposed to be
From: Scarlett | Date: 8/13/2017 7:40 AM
I gave a 1-star rating for these previously, as they looked like the regular cow-ears cut into pieces and dyed.  Now they are like when I purchased them the first time=they look exactly like the picture: a buffalo ear.  Glad I gave these another try.  The gang of 8 is very pleased that these are back in the treat rotation.  Even our 7-pound Chihuahua Momo attacks these with gusto.  He can entertain himself for days with one of these.  He loves to chew on it for a while then chase it all over the house.  While our bully Cinderella makes much shorter shrift of it-only lasts here for maybe an hour...still it satisfies that desire to gnaw on something and my shoes get a reprieve.
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Buffalo Ear Dog Treats.
From: Susan | Date: 7/18/2017 1:13 PM
Safest thing on the market today, my chihuahua's love them and it keeps them busy all year. Top of the line for sure. and safe.
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Power Chewers
From: Terrill | Date: 7/15/2017 1:17 PM
I have two dogs who are power chewers.  Most treats don't last long with these two, but these seem to last a little longer.   They love them and one is pretty picky when it comes to treats.
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my family of dogs love these
From: Karen | Date: 5/11/2017 11:18 AM
All my family members love these, their great chew treats n they get one every evening.
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Quality & Size not consistent; not as pictured
From: Scarlett | Date: 4/11/2017 8:57 AM
The first time I bought these, they were exactly like the picture.  My dogs loved them, so I purchased them again.  This time, it looked like pieces of ears instead of the whole ear like shown in the picture and they were very dark-mostly brown.  As a matter of fact, come to think of it, they looked like regular cow ears, just colored brown. I do understand that this is supposed to be a "natural" product and will have variations, but come on!  Seemed like they were able to double/triple their profits by cutting the ears into pieces.  Also, the ears from this second purchase stained everything they came into contact with-not while dry, but once Our 8 started gnawing on them.  Come to think of it, our Pit/mix has white legs from the knees down and it was red as was the white fur around her muzzle. The first time I was wondering what she had got herself into, or if she was bleeding somewhere. The site does not mention anything about any dyes on/in the ears, or that this will come off and stain whatever it is in contact with.  While it washed out easily of the bed spread, the bold red stain on my Persian carpet may be there permanently.  I will notify about this.  Giving these one star, because I cannot give anything less.
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