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From: Alison | Date: 8/6/2017 8:41 AM
These treats are appealing to one of my dogs, the other one eats it when she realizes I'm not giving her anything else.  They are very greasy and smelly.
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Great stuff
From: Susan | Date: 4/23/2017 8:57 PM
Arrived promptly. Our dog loves it mixed with his kibble.  I wish they would restock the pumpkin and blueberry treats.  Those are primo!
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Great Omega 3 treat
From: Mary | Date: 1/21/2017 9:40 PM
Got these for my Mastiffs and Pitty to get more Omega 3 for their skin and coat, my one Mastiff has a very sensitive stomach and can't tolerate the liquids you put on their food  but did well when I broke off small pieces for them, and they LOVED them. Happy babies!
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Excellent treat
From: Yolanta | Date: 4/27/2016 1:58 PM
I purchased this treat just to try first, since I was not sure if my dog will like them. She just LOVE them!!! She did not like so much sardines but she loves the salmon skins.
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Not what I wanted
From: Guest | Date: 5/15/2015 8:00 PM
Bought these hoping they would be similar to a dried salmon skin product that I used to buy from a different manufacturer but now has quit making the product. These are greasy and crunchy unlike the ones I'm looking for which are dry and softer/chewy. My dog loved the others. These she eats but isn't as thrilled.
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Must Feed Outside or in Crate
From: Warren | Date: 4/1/2015 8:00 PM
Healthy I believe and dog likes them, but dripping with fish grease and tends to leave small bits of slime on floor. You do NOT want that on a rug or the house floor--gonna stink.
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little bit oily
From: Guest | Date: 2/20/2015 7:00 PM
I am always looking for a new treat for my long haired chihuahua MEGGLES. She likes fish oil so i thought i would try this product. She loves it. The product comes in a double plastic bag, and the strips of skin are large. I break off small bits for her and she takes the bit of skin and runs arounds and immediately finds a place to hide it for later. I noticed that when I broke off the piece of skin that my hands were quite oily. Actually, that is good for Meggles, not so good for my pillows, which is where she likes to hide stuff for later. So--i like the oil--just not on my rugs and couch pillows. I figured out that the smaller the piece the less oil would be left. Now I use the bits of skin for our walks and fun training. I would urge anyone who has a dog that scratches to get this product. If my Meggles likes it, it is ok with me.
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From: Jennie | Date: 1/7/2015 7:00 PM
"My dog has balked anytime I purchased anything to do with fish (food, treats or supplements) but she loves these!!!
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Yummy Little Snack.
From: Christina | Date: 12/8/2014 7:00 PM
I give my pup a piece of these before I leave the house, or just as a special treat. I normally use the sardines but these are a little less messy so I might switch over. Just like the video says, they are a quick crunchy treat. Not a chew. So they go quick. They are a little greasy but not too bad. They don't smell that potent either. They, of course, smell like fish but it's not strong. Another great high quality treat! The only thing I was a little bummed about is that most of them break up during shipping. So I have only about 1-2 big pieces around 5-6", the rest are all broken up into 1-3" pieces and smaller. Not a big deal since I give it as a small treat anyway, but worth mentioning.
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From: Laura | Date: 12/8/2014 7:00 PM
We were confused when we pulled the greasy bag full of fish scales out of the box until we checked the invoice. They were so messy we only gave them out once, the dogs did like them. There was only a couple songs in the bag, most had crumbled and were thrown away. Definitely not worth the money!
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