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Curlys are the BEST
From: David | Date: 8/4/2017 10:10 PM
My Rat Terrier thinks Curly Bully Sticks are "THE BEST"! They are his favorite treat!!!
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From: Michelle | Date: 7/12/2017 1:29 PM
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From: Bea | Date: 6/28/2015 8:00 PM
My pup loves these bully sticks! Placing y order was seamless and delivery was very prompt. I will be ordering again!
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7-10 Inch USA Curly Bully Sticks - 50 Pack
From: Terry | Date: 5/28/2015 8:00 PM
Ordered these because they are made in the USA. Great value as I can cut them into pieces and feel safer that the dogs are eating USA made treats.
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Long lasting
From: noel | Date: 4/18/2015 8:00 PM
I have ordered curly Bully Sticks for 3 mos. now - my dog is very fussy and a lot of times the treats I buy are a waste of money. But with Bully Sticks she is busy for a long time. I read the ingredients on these and they are natural and made in the USA, which is all I'll buy. They are the BEST Bully Sticks. Thanks.
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Lasted about 5 mins
From: Heather | Date: 3/14/2015 8:00 PM
It only last 5 mins so I dont really think that is worth $3, my dog is 80 pounds
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great chew
From: Deborah | Date: 3/8/2015 8:00 PM
I tried this for the first time and my dog Sampson would eat the whole bag if I let him. Definitely will be getting much much more.
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BEWARE -No longer suitable for small dogs!
From: David | Date: 2/12/2015 7:00 PM
"I've been buying Best Bully's Spiral & Curly sticks for 2 little Yorkies for many years. Consistency has always been an issue but I've never had to return a product until now. Not one of the 25 spiral bullies from my late January order (7-10 "" Spiral Odor Free) could be fed to my dogs. They all were ""break your teeth"" hard and would audibly ""snap"" off into bite sized ""choke you"" pieces instead of their ends softening into the soggy, stringy, teeth-flossing ""chews.""
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They used to be great...
From: christine | Date: 1/16/2015 7:00 PM
They used to be great, all sized as they claim and they would take 5-10 minutes for the dogs to chew. I ordered these and received a bag of the curly bully sticks maybe four inches long. They are thin and are gone in no time. It is sad to have your dogs look forward to their evening treat all day long and have to give them a pathetic treat that might last them 3 minutes--that is giving two of these at once, mind you. A waste of my hard earned money and the dog's time.
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A favorite
From: Susan R | Date: 12/20/2014 7:00 PM
This are nice and dry, have some smell (my large dog don't appreciate the no smell ones) but isn't real strong - so we're all happy. She gets one a day and it's become a routine to remind me when she thinks it time. They aren't real long lasting, but nothing is for my large chewer.
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