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Product Reviews

Product reviews for Curly Bully Sticks

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Existing reviews
A popular after dinner choice
From: CATHERINE | Date: 10/21/2017 9:42 PM
here for 1 14yo Australian Terrier and 3 PWDs.
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Inconsistent sizing, not happy
From: Jane | Date: 10/19/2017 12:20 PM
This product is a great product but we have been disappointed with the sizing.  We order the 50 piece bag of the 6" bully sticks.  Some batches that we receive are great, with thick bullys and most are 6".  Once in a while we get a bag like the one we received this week where many of the bully's are 4" and just a wisp of 1 curl.   We have 2 medium sized dogs and they look forward to this treat every morning.  I wish there was more constancy of size!!!!
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True occupying chew for Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
From: Erika | Date: 10/16/2017 5:56 AM
I have a 15 pound male king Charles, and these curly bully sticks are his absolute favorite. I store them in the freezer, and retains the delicious, by dog standard, odor and makes the chew a joy.  The curl, is worth it for my dog, because it lets him hold it upright or in different positions, which he seems to love.   This is hands-down, the best possible value, with the best possible quality. Just price them out at your retail store, compared to the cost per each buying 50 at once.  Best value. And you won't find this excellent quality at retail.
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Samson Loves These
From: Alestine | Date: 8/24/2017 5:38 PM
My 8 year old Morkie loves, loves loves these Bully sticks.  He smells them and goes right to the hiding pls.  
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A dogs best treat
From: Donna | Date: 8/23/2017 5:07 PM
My two dogs look forward to getting their bully stick every night. The treat is an easy chew for my older dog and it is all natural. Both my dogs love them.
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great stuff
From: JILL | Date: 8/20/2017 8:11 AM
from 5# to 55#  my dogs love these

who cares about the odor--HUMANS !!!
their odor is much better than  the odor of bad breath and dental/oral decay
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Fun 'toy' for puppies too
From: Ariana | Date: 6/8/2017 3:16 PM
My catahoula rescue puppy loves these. The curly ones are not only great for chewing but tossing batting and chasing too since the curly shape makes them more entertaining than a simple chew stick.
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Stinky But Good
From: Lisa | Date: 6/2/2017 4:21 PM
These work well for my two Yorkies.  However, they smell HORRIBLE.  I've gone through many different kinds of bully sticks, but these definitely smell the worst.  They made my whole downstairs smell like a dirty cattle barn.  I had to move them to the garage -- which now smells like a dirty cattle barn.  I'll probably go back to a different kind of bully sticks just because of the smell.  It's really, really bad.  I ordered these because I needed something for light chewers/small dogs, and they are definitely that, but the smell is just too much.  I'm going back to the less smelly ones.
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Great chew
From: Catherine | Date: 5/3/2017 8:59 AM
My dog loves these. The curl makes him slow down when eating it so it cleans his teeth better.
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Curly Bully Sticks
From: Susan | Date: 4/4/2017 10:05 AM
Me, I go nuts for Whoopie Pies. But my Bichon Frise, Emma, couldn't be happier than when she has a new Curly Bully Stick in her possession. Sometimes it's worth cuddling up in her bed and chewing on it for an hour or two. Sometimes it's too good for that, so ends up being buried and saved in various hidden corners, potted house plants, or under my pillow.
Whatever... she adores them!
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