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Bovine Gullet cookies
my dog loves these cookies.  we cut them up and put them in her dinner.  She is a picky eater sometimes and these get her going.  They are good whole because she doesn't choke on them live rawhides.
From: Elaine | Date: 2/28/2017 10:15 AM
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Quality product at a good price
I ordered this product because both of my dogs seemed to really enjoy another brand of beef gullet that I'd bought at a grocery store. These are very much like the far more expensive brand, so I'm glad to have found this more affordable option for treating my dogs. The only real difference is that some pieces seem to have fat on them, which makes them a bit greasy to handle, and may not be as healthy as the gullet treats I had been giving them.
From: Dottie | Date: 6/10/2015 8:00 PM
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My Dogs LoveThese
"My dogs love these treats. I am happy with them because they are nutritious.
From: Marlene | Date: 6/3/2015 8:00 PM
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basically just another snack
My 8 month old shiba inu eats these in literally seconds. They are too tough to cut up for training treats, but don't provide any "chew time" because she just gobbles them up. I don't regret the purchase but will most likely not buy them again. I am looking for something to keep her busy for a while and thought I'd try these instead of bully sticks this time.
From: kalani | Date: 4/12/2015 8:00 PM
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gullet cookies
My 12 yr old Havanese is 'addicted' to these. She used to love the bully turns her nose up at them and runs to fridge where I keep the 'cookies'.............oh she loves them, has to throw it up in the air, roll all over eat before eating. She doesn't have big strong teeth, so these are much more to her liking. The only negative is unless I speak to a sales person and request 'small' pieces, I may get a bag of very big ones..........they are way too tough for me to try to cut.
From: Karen | Date: 1/9/2015 7:00 PM
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Acceptable but much smaller than shown
I have Pugs, and like a smaller chew, so I gave these a try. In short, they are too short )-: The pics show pieces that appear to be about 3 inches square, and a lot of what I found in my bags are very small tip ends, and ( sorry to say it) what looked like scrap and dust from the bottom of the bin. I consider about 1/2 of them to be small enough to be a choke hazard for my Pugs, though maybe they wold make nice training rewards for a larger breed dog...they're far to small to be considered "chews" even for a small breed. I'll go back to buying the 12 inch gullet strips and cutting them down to an appropriate size for my dogs.
From: Sheila | Date: 12/15/2014 7:00 PM
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Dried Bovine Gullet Cookies for Dogs

  I have to agree with all of the other positive reviews.  The dogs love these and they are not messy or stinky.  A bag lasts quite a while ( if I'm handing them out - I'm sure my dogs would finish them in one sitting if they got the chance).  I give one of my dogs some medication every morning in a Greenies pill pocket, and I give the other dogs one of these.  Everyone is happy - and usually the pill pocket dog manages to get a 'cookie' too.  As one of the other reviewers pointed out, these really are chips, not cookies.
From: Nancy | Date: 2/17/2014 2:44 PM
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Dried Bovine Gullet Cookies for Dogs

  Ordering our 2nd bag. Both our King Charles mix LOVE them. They have learned to "ask" me in the evening until I get up and follow them to the back room for a couple. Took us a while to figure out what the heck they were after. Now that I found it to be these cookie treats, they ask only once and are happy!!
From: KENNETH | Date: 1/12/2014 5:19 PM
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Good value
I purchased these on sale to test them out. My two dogs love them! My pitbull is 9, so I'm glad these help support joint health. I have two large dogs, so I kept the larger squares for them, and I cut the smaller ones up to put I my treat pouch at work (I work Ina pet supply store). The pups at work love them too, which is great since a lot of these "OC" dogs turn their noses to biscuits ;)
From: McKenna | Date: 8/15/2013 2:18 AM
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Gullet Cookies
Yay gullet cookies! Once again I am very impressed with how many treats stuffed into the bag. BBS doesn't skimp on the treats. These will keep my retriever happy for a long time.
From: Lindsay | Date: 7/8/2013 4:25 PM
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