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In the News: Bully Stick Recalls

The FDA recently released publication of several recalls impacting pet food and treats due to the potential for salmonella contamination.  These recalls do NOT involve any products manufactured by Best Bully Sticks.

At Best Bully Sticks, product quality and safety is our #1 priority. We understand your pet is really your fur-baby and you rely on us to be the experts in providing safe, quality treats. Our expertise goes beyond dreaming up tasty treats, it goes all the way back to the ranch!  

A foundational pillar of our process is the food safety program under which 100% of our products are manufactured.  We require all our suppliers to make our products using only methods we have observed, tested and approved.  Many of these methods are the same ones used to make human food….that’s because our quality team came from the human food industry and they have taught our suppliers safer and better practices.  Practices which are designed to be preventative and are scientifically based to take the guess work out of food safety.  Our suppliers then inspect and test the product before shipping it to us, so they can be confident it meets our specifications.  

When the product arrives at our facility we continue the quality process. The quality process is centered around the principle of “trust & verify”.  What does this mean?  It’s simple.  We trust our supply chain partners and the manufacturing methods, but we know things go wrong, so we inspect, sample and verify……we double check, then we triple check.

As a double check, our quality team samples and inspects the product as it arrives to our facility.  This allows us to see for ourselves the product meets our quality specifications.  Then, as a triple check, we send samples to an independent lab for microbiological testing.  After, the independent lab confirms the product meets our microbiological specifications, we release the product for distribution.

Some would say, the food safety & quality program is too comprehensive or too expensive or it takes too long.  We say quality & food safety are our #1 priority.  All of our products are manufactured with you and your dog’s safety in mind.  Our products contain no artificial preservatives, colors or flavors because our mission is to provide only the highest quality all-natural, limited-ingredient and of course safe, treats for your furry family members.  When you choose Best Bully Sticks, you can feel confident you’re giving your pup the treats and healthy lifestyle they deserve. 


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