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Twisty Fun Box Big savings on hand-picked selections of treats & chews

Assortment of our all-natural beef bully sticks in fun shapes!
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  • Picture of SPECIAL: 3-Bully Stick Pretzels - Individual (Twisty Fun Box)
    3-Bully Stick Pretzels (Twisty Fun Box)
    BSPI $4.49 $3.56 (each)
  • Picture of SPECIAL: 3- Thin Bully Stick Knotted Bone - Individual (Twisty Fun Box)
    3- Thin Bully Stick Knotted Bone (Twisty Fun Box)
    TBSKB1 $5.09 $4.07 (each)
  • Picture of SPECIAL: 3-6 Inch Bully Stick Lollipop - Individual (Twisty Fun Box)
    3-6 Inch Bully Stick Lollipop (Twisty Fun Box)
    BSLP6-1 $5.09 $4.07 (each)
  • Picture of SPECIAL: 3- Tiny Knotted Bully Bone for Dogs - Individual (Twisty Fun Box)
    3- Tiny Knotted Bully Bone for Dogs (Twisty Fun Box)
    TKBB1 $2.89 $2.30 (each)
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Bully Stick Lollipops, Pretzels, and Knotted Bones, oh my! We didn’t stop at making just the regular (straight) bully sticks -- we’ve twisted them into fun shapes to provide your dog with entertaining chew time. The twists and turns of these specialty bully sticks will challenge your dog and help scrape away plaque and tartar in all the nooks and crannies of their mouth. And like all of our bully sticks, the Twisty Fun Box treats are all natural, single ingredient, and 100% digestible unlike rawhide.

  • Sourced from free-range, grass-fed cattle
  • 100% beef dental dog chew
  • Contain no hormones, chemicals, or artificial ingredients
  • Most suitable for small to medium dogs


Natural beef pizzle


Ranging from 2 to 6 inches long



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