7 Winter Dog Walking Essentials

May 05, 2021 4 min read
dog and owner walk in snow

Winter dog walking isn’t easy. It’s cold, icy, and snowy. After all, you just want to be inside, cozied up under a blanket where it’s nice and warm. 

But winter dog walking doesn’t have to be so brutal and frigid. Whether you’re treating your dog to collagen dog chews to strengthen their coat or getting yourself a proper pair of winter boots,  you can make your winter walks a little easier. 

1. Dog jackets

Chances are your dog likes the cold weather less than you do – that is, unless you own a malamute. Keep them warm and cozy by getting them a winter jacket of their own. It’s a good idea to get one that’s bright in color, whether that’s yellow or orange, so they can remain visible to motorists and strangers. This way, they can easily stand out among those heavy snowstorms, all while remaining as warm as possible. 

2. Dog booties

Winter conditions can actually be rough on a dog, especially their paw pads. The biggest problem is that cities use salt to de-ice their roads. And if they’re not using salt, they’re using a chemical de-icing agent. While that’s great for motorists and us walkers, it’s really bad for our pets, as those materials can get trapped in between their paws. That not only leads to irritation, but it can lead to severe pain – aggravating their paw pads significantly. 

Instead, you can put a pair of booties on them to protect their paws. They might not like wearing them the first times you put them on, but trust us, it’s worth having them wear them. 

3. Enough treats to go around 

You’ll also want to reward your dog along the way, both before, during, and after your walks. Collagen for dogs is a great option year round, as it’s perfect for improving your dog’s overall health, especially their coat health. A healthy coat is imperative for comfort in colder weather. 

Treat Your Dog to Collagen Sticks

Similarly, it’s best to reward your dog for their good behavior while walking. After all, the holidays are right around the corner, so why not get them some gifts for dogs

When considering gifts, antlers for dogs are a great option. Not only will they keep your dog entertained for a considerable amount of time, but it provides them with essential nutrients they’ll love.

dog and owner play snowy woods

4. Flexible, hybrid gloves

Cold weather also means cold fingers. There’s no worse feeling than having your fingers turn into claws due to the cold weather. Suddenly, you’re frustrated and embarrassed as you struggle to open your dog’s poop bag, as they look up at you in confusion, wondering, “What’s taking you so long? It’s cold out and I’m ready to head back inside!”

The right pair of gloves makes it easy. Your best options are a pair of versatile fingered gloves which makes handling a leash and poop bags easy. Another great option is convertible-mitten gloves, which often feature half-fingers and a mitten pullover. With the latter, you can keep your fingers warm while easily handling objects when needed. 

5. Waterproof boots 

There’s nothing as frustrating as stepping in a cold puddle. Suddenly, what was a pleasant walk is now a sloshing nightmare. You’re wondering whether you’ll get back before hypothermia sets in. 

Forgo any frustrations. Stay warm and dry by getting yourself a reliable pair of waterproof boots. Your best bet is to get a pair of boots that is made of either leather or GORE-TEX and list themselves as waterproof – not water-resistant (they are different). 

You’ll also want to find a pair of boots that has a rugged outsole. Even with a pair of boots, they won’t do you much good in the winter if they have no traction. Look for a pair of boots that has tread akin to an off-road vehicle’s tire. It’s a simple way to guarantee you have a little more control amidst the snow and ice – especially when your dog feels compelled to take off sprinting after a fluffy animal. 

leashed dog walking during winter

6. A trusty winter jacket 

Along with a reliable pair of boots, you’ll want to be sure to have a jacket that will also keep you warm and dry. Your best bet is to look for a jacket that’s waterproof and warm enough to keep you safe against those frigid mornings. Not sure where to look? Hikingjackets are a good place to search, as they’re designed for walking and harsher elements.  

7. A towel for when you get back

Chances are your dog will be soaking wet by the time you get home. They’ll either be covered in snow, which will quickly melt, or they’ll be sopping wet from making snow angels in your front yard. 

A soft microfiber towel will make it easy to pull moisture away from your dog’s fur, especially if they have a thick coat. 

This winter, prepare ahead of time by getting all your winter walking tools in order before you think, “Dang, I should have gotten a pair of waterproof boots.” Trust us, both you and your dog will thank the new you for preparing in advance. 

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