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Ready to treat your dog to something new? While your dog is sure to have their favorite treats, they’ll love trying something they haven’t before. Not sure where to start? Our collection of new dog treats and chews are sure to satiate your dog’s appetite. 

Looking for a dog chew full of nutrition and flavor? Our collagen sticks are packed with flavor and nutrients. Available as pure beef collagen or beef collagen wrapped in cheese or chicken, your dog is sure to find a treat they’ll love. Best of all, they’re loaded with all-natural collagen. Your dog can promote their bone, muscle, skin, fur, and nail health all while enjoying the incredible taste. 

Our various chews are perfect for tough chewers, too, as they’ll give them something durable to gnaw on. This is great for their dental health, as it provides them with a treat they can scrape their teeth on, cleaning them of plaque and tartar. 

What dog doesn’t love a durable chew? Our highly digestible dog chews are an excellent, healthy alternative to rawhide. And we have several options to choose from based on your dog's chewing and dietary needs. Does your dog have a sensitive stomach? Most of our chews will do the trick, as they are nutritious and single-ingredient – no processed ingredients included. Want a treat that supports your dog’s overall health, especially their joints and muscles? Our Beef Trachea Chews and Stuffed Hooves go a long way to promoting your dog’s well-being, all while giving them something delicious to chew on. 

Give your dog yet another reason to love you. Try out our new dog chews today! 

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