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Antlers for dogs – the primal health treat your dog will love 

Your dog is a mirror into the past: a symbol of their wolf brethren, roaming the woods in packs, gnawing at the game they capture after a day-long hunt. Your dog can’t settle for any old chew. Traditional, highly-processed treats won’t do, as they’re tough on their digestive system and generally bad for their overall health. 

What your dog wants is a primal treat. They want a healthy, long-lasting natural chew that brings out their inner wolf. Our elk antlers for dogs are exactly that. 

Natural antlers for dogs 

Our elk antler dog chews are sourced naturally. Elk naturally shed their antlers every year, and we collect the remains from the forest to make our healthy antlers for dogs. No ingredients are added in the process from sourcing to production, meaning your dog is receiving them like new. The organic elements and minerals found in antlers for dogs make them a health bonus for your dog.

Finding the right antler for your dog 

Elk are naturally larger than deer, meaning their antlers are bigger and more durable as dog chews. If you have a medium to larger sized dog, elk antlers are the perfect choice for them. Outside of elk antlers, we also offer goat horns and cow hooves, which are high-quality, long-lasting options perfect for dogs of any size. 

If you’re looking to incorporate additional treats like peanut butter into your dog’s chew, our split elk antlers bridge the gap. Their exposed marrow center makes it easy to add your dog’s favorite treat while giving them a healthy chew that will go the distance. 

Why we love antlers, hooves, and horns

  • All antlers are naturally shed by elk 
  • They’re safe for your dog
  • Chewing them improves your dog’s dental health
  • Single-ingredient, all-natural
  • They contain natural nutrients and minerals 
  • Virtually odor-free
  • Long-lasting and durable, even against the toughest chewers

Important Notice: For your dog’s safety, be sure to watch closely when giving them an antler chew. To eliminate any choking hazards, remove small or broken pieces that could potentially be swallowed.