Antlers and Horns are a great, healthy, long-lasting chew for your dog.

There are no animals harmed in the collection of our elk or deer antlers as they are naturally shed every year. Elk are typically much larger than deer, so their antlers are bigger and more durable as a dog chew. The trace elements and minerals in elk antlers are an added nutritional bonus. Outside of elk antlers, our Goat Horns and Cow Hooves are also high-quality, durable options for your dog.

Benefits of antlers, hooves, and horns:

  • They hold up longer than most other types of chews
  • They're safe: dogs grind them down slowly over time
  • They contain nutrients and no artificial ingredients
  • They have virtually no odor or residue to get on your carpet or furniture
  • They are a single-ingredient, natural chew from a renewable resource