Pig Ears: The single-ingredient chew your dog will love 

You’re in your backyard grilling. Where’s your dog? Right by your side. Not just because they love you, but because they love the smell of what you’re cooking. Pork or beef, it gets their attention with ease. And all they can hope for is that you love them enough to give them a slice of whatever it is you’re grilling. 

Make their dreams a reality with our pig ears and cow ears for dogs. 

Our pig ears and cow ears for dogs are single-ingredient chews. With them being 100% natural and tasty enough to never let go, your dog is sure to be in love with these chews. 

The magic of cow ears and pig ears for dogs 

Our cow ears are sourced from free-range, grass-fed beef, making them as high-quality as beef comes. Unlike rawhide, cow ears are highly digestible, making them easy on your dog’s stomach while packing even more flavor. Best of all, we include no extra ingredients, meaning your dog isn’t consuming any unnecessary additives – only all-natural cow ear. 

Similarly, our 100% natural pig ear chews are fully digestible, long-lasting, packed with protein, and free of any additives. Your dog only gets the best from us. And while having something fun to chew on, they’re able to get more than a day’s worth of natural minerals and nutrients to round out their diet. 

Not only will your dog be able to savor the taste, but the time spent gnawing and chewing will help remove all the plaque and tartar from their teeth, helping to improve their dental health. Simply put, there’s little pig ears and cow ears can’t do for your dog. 

Why we love cow ears and pig ears for dogs

  • All-natural: no preservatives, additives, colors, or flavors
  • Highly digestible 
  • Chewing them supports dental health, such as removing plaque and tartar from teeth
  • Packed with protein
  • Good for their overall health
  • Ethically sourced