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Long-lasting dog bones for the enthusiastic chewer

Does your dog love to chew? Do they tear apart every new toy you give them without even trying? Do they love pork, peanut butter, and sweet potato? 

If so, your dog is going to love our natural dog bones. Our all-natural, long-lasting dog bones are the perfect solution for dog owners looking to satiate their pet’s hunger while giving them something durable to chew on. 

We offer a variety of bones to choose from, such as all-natural shin bones stuffed with sweet potato, peanut butter, bacon, cheese, and blueberry and cranberry. If you’re looking for something with a meaty kick, treat your dog to a large marrow bone, smoked pork femur, or venison femur.

Do you have a large dog that really loves to tear apart everything they chew? Also, do you feel like they eat you out of house and home? Our Monster Dog Bone is the perfect solution for large to extra-large dog breeds who need something that can stand up to their bite strength. Filled with marrow, they’re sure to be the perfect treat for your larger dog.  

Dogs are primal creatures. What’s better than a primal treat? Give them the exact chew they’re looking for: big, all-natural dog bones.

A few reasons we love natural dog bones 

  • Perfect for enthusiastic chewers
  • A natural source of calcium
  • Long-lasting and flavorful 
  • Filled with nutritious marrow or all-natural flavor blends 
  • Help improve your dog’s dental health 

Important Notice: Please supervise your dog when giving them a bone to chew on. Be sure to remove small or broken pieces to prevent a choking hazard, as bones should only be used for gnawing and chewing. 

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