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If your dog has ever had one of our collagen chews, you know how much they love them. If not, your dog is in for a brand new treat. 

We’ve taken our traditional collagen chews for dogs and enhanced them into collagen sticks. Available in 6-inch and 12-inch sticks, you can treat your dog to all-natural collagen sticks. Whether cheese wrapped, chicken wrapped, or all beef, our collagen for dogs provides your pet with a natural chew that’s fun to gnaw on. 

Why collagen for dogs? Collagen chews are an excellent treat because of the health benefits they provide. These include: 

  • Reducing arthritis symptoms and improving mobility
  • Increasing the condition of muscles, ligaments, and tendons
  • Boosting the quality and elasticity of your dog’s skin, coat, and nail health
  • Soothing and repairing digestive issues 
  • Enhancing gastrointestinal nutrient absorption
  • Supporting dental health through chewing action

Best of all, collagen sticks are delicious. Our collagen sticks are sure to capture the most energetic dog’s attention once they get a sniff. Whether given as a large treat or dessert, you could improve your dog’s health while giving them something tasty to chew on. 

We do recommend you supervise your dog when giving them a collagen stick. Be mindful of the size of your pet, how hard they chew, and more, as small pieces can break off. Remove any small or broken pieces when you see them, as they can be potential choking hazards. 

Why give your dog a standard biscuit when you can give them a treat they’ll always beg for? Our collagen chews for dogs are sure to make your dog fall in love with you all over again — since you fed them last.