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5 Fun Dog-Friendly Date Night Ideas

May 05, 2021 3 min read
woman and man kissing small poodle

Whether its snuggled up on the couch or exploring a new part of town, your dog may be seeking some extra love and attention during these cold months. It may be time to treat them to more of your time and take them out for a date night with your significant other! We have 5 fun date-night ideas for you and your pup to celebrate the upcoming season of love.

     1. Picnic in the Park

If you’re lucky enough to have beautiful weather, there’s no better way to take advantage of it than with a picnic. Take your pup out to your favorite park, bring some snacks, and enjoy the fresh air! Make sure you bring plenty of your pup’s favorite treats and a toy to play with as well. If it’s too cold to have a picnic outside, you can improvise be spreading out your favorite blanket on your floor and playing some nature scenes on your television inside!

     2. Get Some Drinks

Whether you are into wine, beer, or spirits, plenty of tasting spots have patios and outdoor seating that welcome friendly dogs. This idea is excellent for a pre-dinner outing or an afternoon affair (weather permitting). Just be sure that wherever you taste buds take you is dog friendly and that your dog will be comfortable in that environment as well. Don’t forget to bring them a special snack or chew to keep them occupied while you enjoy your libation. Bully Sticks are great-tasting options that your pup will love!

     3. Go For a Hike

Hiking is a great way to get outside and exercise with your pup while also working on your bond. Dogs love to engage with the outdoors and explore their surroundings. Make sure to research your hiking trail before your leave and make sure it’s dog friendly. If you’re not an experienced hiker, try walking a local trail or taking your dog to the park for the afternoon! Be sure to pack plenty of water and tasty treats for the best hiking experience. Check out our guide to hiking with your dog as well for extra tips and tricks before your trip!

     4. Have a Movie Night

Have you ever noticed your dog looking at your computer or television screen while you were watching a show or movie? Studies have shown that many domestic dogs are actually drawn to certain images and sounds that are produced from your television. For another fun date-night idea, stock up on your favorite snacks, grab some comfy blankets, and stay in with a movie! Consider putting on your favorite dog movie and bond with your pup while watching.

     5. Get Crafty with Special Gifts

Who doesn’t love receiving a special present made just for them? Your pup may not be able to verbalize their appreciation the same way humans can, but they’ll love a DIY treat almost as much as they love you! Give your pup a present they’ll enjoy for a long time to come with our DIY Collagen Stick Bouquet! Simply tie a cute ribbon around a bundle of collagen sticks, which are a great long-lasting and odorless chew option, and arrange the sticks to look like a bouquet. Snap a quick picture to share with your family and friends before giving it to your pup to enjoy! Check out our example below.

Collagen Sticks tied with Best Bully Sticks ribbon

Want to read more on dog-friendly activities? Check out our blog. And for great deals on all-natural dog chews, visit our website.

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