5 of the Best Dogs for First-Time Owners

September 01, 2021 3 min read
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Did you know that 53 percent of American households own a dog? While you may not be one of those households, you’re currently in your search to become one. 

When starting your search for a new dog, you may be asking yourself which pet is right for you? In particular, what are the best dogs for first-time owners? 

Whether you’re searching for gentle dog breeds or family-focused dogs, there’s many breeds to choose from. But the best breed for a new dog owner will be a specific list. For instance, a German Shepherd may be great for your family, but they require a lot of work – which could be difficult for a first-time owner. Similarly, French Bulldogs and Pugs are lovely dogs, but they have enough health issues that could be a major burden on a first-time owner. 

So load up on dog bones and get down to your dog search. One of the following breeds is waiting for you. 

1. Border Terrier

If you’re looking for another easy, smaller breed, Border Terriers are an excellent choice. Border Terriers are wonderfully playful and energetic dogs, all while having a sense of adventure built into their being. 

They’re intelligent and affectionate dogs who you’ll find to be fearless – often trying to take on dogs over three times their size. They’ll similarly become stubborn if you don’t give them enough attention throughout the day, but they’ll otherwise be incredibly caring, obedient dogs. 

2. Golden Retriever

If you’re looking for a dog bigger than a little 10-pound Terrier with a slightly similar personality, you might be looking for a Golden Retriever. Their fluffy coats and their big, heart-warming smiles makes Goldens the perfect dog for a first-time owner looking for a happy-go-lucky, affectionate friend. 

You’ll need to put in work, though: Golden Retrievers have a lot of energy and love to play. You’ll also need to be prepared to train them. They’ll require work, but it’s incredibly worth it for the relationship you’ll have together. 

3. Labrador Retriever

If you thought the Golden Retriever was an excellent dog for a first-time dog owner, you need to consider a Labrador Retriever, too. Labs can be a little lazier than Golden Retrievers, but they’re still little balls of energy – especially in their younger years. However, they’re still incredibly adorable, loving, and loyal dogs. 

You’ll need to regularly brush them to keep their coats looking fresh and collect all their errant fur, but they’re an excellent addition to the home, especially if you have a family. 

Do know they’re incredibly food-oriented, though. To protect your pizza and more, make sure to treat them to bully sticks for dogs to get their appetite and energy out. 

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4. Poodle

If you’ve ever met a Poodle, you know why so many people love adopting them. Coming in numerous sizes, they can fit into a studio apartment or the largest home. Best of all, along with being intelligent dogs, they’re also hypoallergenic and don’t shed fur. The latter will be great for people in small homes, as Poodles won’t shed everywhere, meaning you won’t have fur on everything. 

However, due to being intelligent dogs, they are going to need a lot of mental stimulation alongside physical exercise. But doing so will only increase the bond between you and your dog. 

5. Corgis

Many people love Corgis, as they’re pretty simple to take care of. Meanwhile, they’re awfully funny animals with their stubby legs and long bodies. You might not realize it, but these dogs were long used for herding, so they’re exceptionally smart and focused dogs. 

They’re exceptional little dogs for the first-time owner, as they’re happy-go-lucky and always on-the-go. However, because of their herding instincts, they require a lot of attention and tasks to put them to work. Otherwise, you may find them becoming bored and irritable. 

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Knowing Which Breed Is Best for You 

Getting your first dog is no easy task, as there’s a lot of stress that goes into choosing the perfect dog. But the thing is, you won’t know your perfect dog until you meet them. And once they’re in your life, you’d never believe you lived any other way. 

Looking to make their transition into your home even easier? Giving your dog bully sticks makes that simple. Best of all, our rewards program makes it easy to stock up on everything you need, giving your dog only the best. 

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