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How Best Bully Sticks Supports Furry Friends in Need

November 22, 2023 3 min read
how best bully sticks supports dogs in need

How Best Bully Sticks Supports Furry Friends in Need

When you choose Best Bully Sticks treats, it's not just about spoiling your own furry friend, but about radiating that same love and care to dogs everywhere! As we wag our tails with excitement for Giving Tuesday, let's bark about something truly awesome—how Best Bully Sticks is spreading paw-sitivity to rescue pups all over the country all year round! Grab a squeaky toy and join us as we fetch the deets on how our team at Best Bully Sticks has been a friend to organizations who have the best interest of dogs at heart! 

Richmond Animal League (RAL)

black dog in kennel taking a chew

Best Bully Sticks is spreading our doggie love to our local Virginia shelter, Richmond Animal League. RAL is on a mission to save lives and reduce those not-so-fun owner expenses. It's like a friendship pawty, where Best Bully Sticks is helping RAL give hope, help, and tasty chews to pups who need it most. Woof, woof, and a round of ap-paws!

Sanctuary Rescue

puppy with bow

Sanctuary Rescue is a foster-based dog rescue located in Midlothian, Virginia, a suburb of Richmond. The rescue consists of dedicated animal lovers who open their homes to foster those that have been left behind. Sancutary Rescue helps dogs of all ages! All of their dogs are fostered in a home environment, many times with other dogs and children. They try to teach them all what it is like to be loved, to learn good doggie manners, and to become well-socialized canine members of the community. Best Bully Sticks made a donation to the rescue this year as a part of our Giving Tuesday initiative to support our furry friends in need!

Cross Your Paws Rescue

puppy with best bully sticks bag

Best Bully Sticks has donated chews to Cross Your Paws Rescue, the heroes in Pennsylvania who rescue, rehab, and rehome dogs of all breeds and sizes. By delivering scrumptious treats and chews to their local adoption event, Best Bully Sticks helped adorable furballs start their first night in their new homes on the right foot by keeping them occupied with new chews to gnaw on!

Adopt A Homeless Animal Rescue (AAHA)

adopt a homeless animal rescue

Earlier this year, we provided Beef Snack Sticks to our pals at Adopt a Homeless Animal. All adoptable dogs hold a special place in our hearts and these sweeties are no exception. AAHA's foster dogs loved the snacks. 

At Best Bully Sticks, we’re not just about treats; we’re also about supporting events like AAHA’s Fall Auction, where heroes gather to raise money to help rescue animals in need! AAHA is dedicated to rescuing and assisting animals in crisis. 
By donating treats and chews to raffle off,  Best Bully Sticks is wagging its tail alongside others, ensuring that every pup gets a chance to live their best, treat-filled life.

Great Pyrenees Club of Western PA

 fluffy white puppy in box

Our friends at the Great Pyrenees Club of Western PA are doing some big-hearted rescuing with some big dogs, and Best Bully Sticks loves to support them! With treats that are not only tasty but also good for the doggie dental department, we have made chew donations to this organization to help keep these majestic Pyrs happy and healthy—cue the zoomies and playful barks in their new homes with their new snacks!

Animal Friends

 santa claus and rescue dog with treats

At Best Bully Sticks we share the love of dogs with Animal Friends, the pet-loving legends in Pittsburgh for over 80 years. By donating top-notch goodies, Best Bully Sticks is helping Animal Friends bring wag-tastic joy to their shelter dogs. Because, let's face it, every dog deserves a chance to be spoiled! Above is a photo of Santa Paws handing out Advent Calendars to shelter dogs.

Brooklyn Community Dog Event

snack sticks at a community dog event

Best Bully Sticks recently gave away snack sticks to dogs at a Brooklyn Community Dog Event, making tails wag and taste buds dance in delight. We also provided door prizes at several dog-friendly events in our own local communities. It's moments like these that remind us of the impact we can make, not just in the lives of our pets, but in the wider dog-loving community!
So, as we celebrate Giving Tuesday, be sure to think of your local shelter and how you can help! Here's to a world where every tail wags a little more, and every dog gets a chance at the treat-filled happily ever after they deserve! 🐾❤️

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