How to Get Your Dog to Listen

January 25, 2022 3 min read
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Has your dog been ignoring you? Were they once well-behaved but now refuse to respond to anything you say, even the most basic commands?

If you’re wondering how to get your dog to listen, it’s fairly simple. Don’t take it personally if they’re not listening, though. Chances are there is a form of miscommunication happening, from you not being consistent with your commands to them having too much energy, which makes it difficult to focus. 

Here’s how to get your dog to listen to your commands:

Remain consistent with your commands 

First and foremost, a common reason a dog won’t listen is because they aren’t receiving consistent commands. For instance, when they attempt to reach for something they shouldn’t grab, you end up yelling out, “Ah,” “Stop,” “No,” and “Drop it!” While you understand all of these commands as being synonyms, your dog doesn’t. 

You need to remain consistent with your commands. Pick which one feels most natural to you and run with it. Any time your dog reaches for something they shouldn’t or gets it in their mouth, use that one command. And be sure you use it every single time. That way your dog knows what you’re asking them to do and will react accordingly. 

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Ease your dog’s anxiety

Your dog may not listen to you because they’re anxious and stressed. Think of yourself: When you’re stressed out, you’re more compelled to zone out. There’s already enough noise going on in your head, so why would you give all of your attention to someone who may stress you out even more? 

The same goes for your dog. They don’t want to overexert themselves more than they already feel. So take the time to help them de-stress. 

owner embracing talking to dog

Easing your dog’s anxiety and calming them down can include actions like: 

  • Playing calming music for them while you work or are out of the home
  • Get them some mild exercise
  • Cover their crate with blankets to provide them with a personal den where they can calm down
  • Give them healthy dog treats to chew on and get their stress out

Lastly, you should consider reducing your own stress, too. Dogs are very aware of our personalities and traits. Dogs often take on the personality of their owners. Stressed and anxious owners can thus make for anxious dogs. 

Try to practice what you preach, taking time to exercise with your dog, calm down with music, or practice meditation in a dark, quiet room.  

Get their energy out

Your dog might not be listening because they have too much energy. It’s like trying to get a little kid to listen while you’re asking them to be on their best behavior, they’re running around the room, playing with multiple toys, and refusing to work with you in the slightest. 

Your dog will respond accordingly if they’ve got too much energy. The best way to get them to listen is to get that energy out. This can include playing with your dog indoors, running around outside, bringing them to a local dog park, or giving them some long-lasting, tasty treats to chew on. 

dog treat subscription box makes getting treats for your dog easy, as you’ll always have a ton of treats on hand to keep them entertained. 

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Reward good behavior with high-value treats

It’s equally important to reward your dog when they do what’s asked of them. By rewarding them, you’re showing them that it’s appreciated when they listen. Moreover, it will teach them to expect a reward for their good behavior. 

To entice them to be on their best behavior, you should provide them with high-value treats. A reliable choice are collagen dog chews. Packed full of flavor and nutrition, your dog is sure to love them, heightening the chances of them listening every time you ask them to. 

Getting your dog to listen to you is as simple as ensuring the two of you are always working together. Help them de-stress, get their energy out, and reward them with dog chews when they’re on their best behavior. 

With some care and consideration, you can incentivize your dog to listen to you at all times. Suddenly, they’ll be sure to drop that french fry when you tell them to. And that’s something to celebrate. Just make sure they get a tasty treat in return.

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