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The 8 Best Dog Moments of 2018

May 05, 2021 4 min read
dog running through tall grass with a treat in it's mouth

With 2018 behind us and a new year just beginning, you may be taking some time to reflect and plan for 2019. Best Bully Sticks has been doing the same—including taking a look back at the best dog moments of the year.

From royal rescue dogs to a puppy riding a pony, here are our 8 best dog moments of 2018.

1. Lost dog travels over 1,000 miles all by himself

According to Independent, a husky from Brooklyn, New York found himself all the way in Florida this year—only to be saved by a dog-lover with a serious will to track down his owners.

The dog, Sinatra, became lost just months after his teenaged owner was tragically killed. The girl’s family felt hopeless when the dog went missing. Amazingly, the Florida woman who found Sinatra was able to track down the pup’s family. It was with great relief that Sinatra the husky returned to Brooklyn to reunite with his loving family.

2. Service dog gets diploma

Griffin worked hard to get his diploma. While attending all his classes to get a master’s in occupational therapy at Clarkson University, the graduate always made sure to lift his classmates’ spirits. But this student was a little bit different from his peers. Why, you might ask? Because Griffin is a golden retriever.

Griffin was adopted as a service dog by Brittany Hawley, a recent Clarkson graduate, to help her cope with symptoms of chronic pain. As such, Griffin supported Brittany through her education, attending every class she did. And when Brittany eventually received her diploma, Griffin got one, too! You can watch the adorable video of Griffin’s (and Brittany’s) graduation here.

3. Military dog gets adopted by veteran she served with

It’s not every day you find a bond like the one between U.S. Marine Nick Montez and his dog, Mally. But not every pet owner dedicates their life to protecting our country as Nick and Mally did, either.

Serving together in Afghanistan, Nick and Mally had the responsibility of finding improvised explosive devices. Their bond was so close that Nick even got a tattoo with Mally’s name; and as soon as he was honorably discharged, he started looking for ways to one day adopt her.

This year, when Mally retired from the military, Nick’s dream became a reality. You can see more from Nick’s and Mally’s emotional reunion here.

4. Dog rides neighbor’s pony when owners are away

And now for the weird: A corgi who jumps onto a neighboring pony’s back and rides around all by himself. Yes, we’re serious. The video, which came out this February, shows a corgi riding on a pony late in the night.

You may be wondering—how could a corgi get up there all by himself? The pony’s owner later caught that on camera. Sniffing the pony and performing a few practice jumps, the corgi eventually lands on the pony’s back and is ready to ride. Now that’s what we call teamwork!

5. Rescue dog becomes royalty

When Megan Markle married Prince Harry this year, she wasn’t the only new addition to the palace. Her rescue dog, Guy, came along for the ride!

According to an article by the Guardian, Megan, Duchess of Sussex, saved the beagle from a kill shelter years before marrying Prince Harry. A true rags-to-riches story, Guy the beagle is now living in the lap of luxury.

6. Dog guards burned-down property while waiting for owners to return

This year, California was hit with tragic wildfires. But through all the pain and destruction, one shepherd mix proved the incredible loyalty of dogs.

The dog, Madison, was left all alone when a mandatory evacuation prevented his owners from rescuing him. For about a month, Madison’s owners prayed he would survive and that they’d find him. They knew he was special—but could a dog make it out of the fires alone?

When they were able to return, Madison’s owners were elated to discover the impossible: Madison was not only alive, but was still guarding their now-destroyed home while waiting for them to return. To read more, check out the full story by the Washington Post.

7. Boy who loves petting dogs becomes Twitter famous

If you’ve ever taken your pup for a stroll around the block, you’ve probably heard the classic question: “Can I pet your dog?”

Well, one 10-year old boy named Gideon has struck internet gold by posting about just that. Except he’s the one asking the question.

Now, Gideon’s Twitter page “I’ve Pet That Dog” has over 165,000 followers, all eagerly liking posts of dogs Gideon has pet. The account couldn’t be more straightforward, nor more wholesome: Every time Gideon sees a dog, he asks to pet it…and then shows the world a picture.


Looking to start 2019 off on the right paw? Try Best Bully Sticks, the good-for-you treat your pet will love. And for more pet facts and fun, check out the Best Bully Sticks blog.

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