Why Do Dogs Like to Chew on Bones? Here's Your Answer

October 12, 2021 3 min read

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Why do dogs like chewing on bones? There must be some reason. It’s common knowledge at this point: Every cartoon and media depiction of a dog shows them gnawing on a bone, living life to the fullest. 

But where does that love come from? Better yet, are bones good for dogs

If you’re looking to treat your dog, now is the time to give them a few big dog bones to chew on. But before you jump to giving your dog the freshest, biggest bone you can find, let’s learn some more about why dogs love bones. 

Why Do Dogs Like to Chew on Bones? 

Dogs like chewing on bones for one primary reason: it’s a primal instinct. As canines, dogs are used to scavenging and hunting in packs, out in the wild. When they would capture their kill, all of them would work together to tear into their prey and take pieces for themselves. Suddenly, they’re moving in different directions, hoarding their bones and gnawing off all of its meat and nutritional goodness. 

Now, that’s a story you can imagine, but your French Bulldog is living a very different life. They’re fed morning and night — with treats in between — with meals of nutrient-rich kibble. 

But that primal instinct hasn’t gone away. Dogs have become further domesticated than they were thousands of years ago, but the ways in which we feed them now is a new thing. The lives and brains of humans aren’t much different. We’re mentally still close to our ancestors of 2,000 years ago, and the technological revolution — which has given us an insane amount of technologies in the last century — is completely new (and our brains are still adjusting). 

Your dog is going to get a rush out of receiving a dog bone. As domesticated as your dog may be, they’re going to feel that primal itch in the back of their brain. 

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Why Your Dog Will Love Bones 

Your dog will be over the moon when you present them with a healthy bone for them to enjoy. 

Dogs love chewing on them not only for the primal instinct they provide, but the mental and physical stimulation they receive. Anxious and bored dogs can relieve stress with a large bone that they can chew on for hours at a time. 

That’s not even mentioning the taste, which is sure to drive them wild, putting them into what can only be described as a trance. Meanwhile, they get to work their jaw, get some energy out, and live their best life. 

Finding the Right Bone for Your Dog

Finding the right bone for your dog may feel as if it takes some time, but it’s time worth spending. You want to make sure you find your dog the bone that’s best suited for them. 

First, you want to consider the time-of-chewing your bone provides. You can either go with thin bones that can be chewed and eaten in next to no time or long-lasting dog bones

Meanwhile, you also want to consider your dog’s size versus the bones you’re looking at. A large dog and a small bone are not a good match, as it could pose a choking hazard. Similarly, a small dog will not fare well with a large bone. While they’ll probably be able to eat it, they’re probably going to have problems wrapping their mouth around it. 

A good rule of thumb is to never give your dog a bone that is smaller than the size of their head. Going too small is a problem as your dog could either try to swallow the bone all at once, or break off small splinters of bone that they could choke on. Rather, go for something the size of their head or larger.  

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Options Besides Bones

If you’re not comfortable feeding your dog bones, or you need to give them an alternative so they’re not eating a fresh bone every day, you’ll surely want to consider other options. 

Besides bones, you can also give your dog all-natural treats like bully sticks. It will provide your dog with a long-lasting, chewable treat that’s packed with nutrients. 

You can also make the most of things that aren’t food. Get your dog a chew toy that will stand up to almost anything. Look for toys that are designed for the moderate to tougher to toughest chewers. 

Entertain Your Dog with Dog Bones

Give your dog a treat they’ll go crazy for every time. Let them get out their primal energy by treating them to a delicious, long-lasting dog bone.

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