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Are Bully Sticks Good for Dog Teeth? Here's Your Answer

May 05, 2021 3 min read
man giving dog bully stick in a field

We all love cuddling with and caring for our furry family members. Doing so has the unique ability toboost our mood and decrease stress. But a pet’s bad breath can hold us back from spending quality time with them. Luckily, as you might know, some dog chews have the unique ability to clean off plaque and improve foul breath, but not all chews are created equal and some won’t do the job at all. 

Bernese mountain dog sitting in leaves surrounded by autumn trees

Dogs Need to Chew

New dog owners are often surprised to find that many of the standard pet treats are actually not great for our four-legged friends. Rawhides, a popular chew option, pose alife-threatening risk of choking and causing blockages and can wind up causing serious internal damage. But dogs have an inherent need to chew, and doing so helps them relieve stress and frustration while cleaning their teeth.

This dilemma leaves many conscientious pet owners wondering: Whatcanwe give our pups to entertain them without the risk? The bully stick is a great, highly digestible solution.

What Are Bully Sticks?

What is a bully stick? These are safe, long-lasting, and highly digestible dog treats that serve as amazing alternatives to rawhide. They’re made from a single ingredient — the high-protein pizzle (or penis) of the bull. The best part? Dogs love them. They keep your four-legged pal occupied for long periods of time and you don’t have to worry about choking, splintering, or blockages.

So we know that they’re delicious and entertaining for our canine family members, but there’s even more to love about these tasty treats, starting with the fact that they can enhance your dog’s oral health. 

bully sticks sitting on a tree log outdoors

Can Bully Sticks Improve Dogs’ Teeth?

Yes. Bully sticks clean dogs’ teeth by scraping away plaque and buildup with a gentle chewing motion. This helps improve your pup’s breath and overall oral health.

Bully sticks can help clean your dog’s teeth through gentle chewing action. We all know it can be tough to get our dogs to sit still long enough for a good brush, so if you’re looking forways to improve dog breath and keep your pup’s canines clean and healthy, this is an easier solution. Bully sticks are better than typical rawhide replacements and other chews because they take more time to chew, so dogs get a deeper and more thorough clean. 

Keeping your dog’s teeth clean is important for their general wellness. Just like in humans, canine dental health isclosely linked to cardiac disease. Untreated bacteria buildup in your dog’s mouth could travel to the heart, leading to serious complications. Healthy teeth and gums are also important to helping pets eat and enjoy a pain-free life, so it’s definitely not something you should overlook. 
Two dogs chewing bully sticks while sitting on a gravel road

In addition to providing your pet with some tasty treats that improve oral health, you should make sure to keep them on regularly scheduled visits to their veterinarian to ensure that their teeth and gums are in good shape. Your vet will be able to identify any serious dental health issues and may recommend an in-depth cleaning.

Choose Quality Bully Sticks

Best Bully Sticks is your source forthe highest quality bully sticks to add to your pup’s routine. Choose from a huge selection to suit your dog and their chewing style. Bully sticks can serve as a safe, delicious treat for your pet. You’ll be rewarded right back with fresher breath and a shinier smile.

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