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by Avrum Elmakis: Owner & Founder

Coming into it, I knew that my wife and I had a great idea, but it wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for the pugs. I should have known then that dogs would have a greater impact on my day-to-day life than I ever thought possible.

  When you start a company, your mind is bombarded with a million tasks, scenarios, and strategies. For a while, all you ever talk about are monetary reports, projections, product diversification and expansion. It was a risk, as is any small business. We took that risk and it was all thanks to Sushi and Espy, the pugs that inspired us.

Passion & Inspiration

It may sound like a shameless plug, but I’m going to tell you anyway so you can understand where I’m coming from. I started an all-natural pet treat company in Richmond, Virginia in 2007, and it’s all because of our pugs. If you know pug owners or are one yourself, we’re kind of crazy about our dogs. My wife Lauren and I couldn’t find any treats that were: one, completely all natural and two, affordable. It just didn’t exist. That’s when we started Best Bully Sticks and looking back, I unconsciously took a lot of cues from my dogs.

  When starting a company like ours, one that has a lot of passion built up behind it, you’re going to find an audience that is just as passionate. In our case, our business model is based on loving dogs. So, as you can imagine, the zeal-factor is through the roof.

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