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What are Bully Sticks?


One of the most frequent questions we're asked is, "What are bully sticks made from?" Bully Sticks are 100% Beef Sticks Dog Treats and dog chews that are made from the pizzle or penis of the bull. Pizzles have historically been used for different purposes from walking canes to medicinal powders, and even eaten in their raw or cooked form by humans in parts of the world today.

In the United States, pizzles are most commonly used as dog chews. These bully sticks or Beef Stick Dog Treats and chews originate from primarily US or South American cattle. In recent years there have been new products introduced to the USA market from India (these are water buffalo pizzles) and from Australia and New Zealand. Most people prefer bully sticks that are from either the USA or South America because of the safety and cooking standards employed. It is our belief that bully sticks from India and China are of inferior quality and not cooked or prepared properly.

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Size Average Weight (Grams)  
6" Thin 7  
6" Standard 17  
6" Thick 30  
6" Jumbo 39  
6" Monster 51  
Size Average Weight (Grams)  
12" Thin 14  
12" Standard 36  
12" Thick 60  
12" Jumbo 77  
12" Monster 94  
*Bully stick width may vary based on the weight and density of the stick. Note: The stick density will lengthen chew time.

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